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You Need To Make Advertisers PROVE The Will Give You A Return Just Ask This One Question

If your advertiser or agency can’t answer this question, they are not worth SH*T!! And I mean that nicely… πŸ™‚ They want your money to do “certain” things, and they show you stats about what you are going to get, but the question is… Are the things they are showing you actually going to equate to someone coming into your restaurant and spending money. They might say it will, but I challenge you to tell them to PROVE IT! In this video I will arm you with the one question you NEED to ask. Unless you hate keeping your money in your own pocket.

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About David Kunstek

The β€œButts in Your Seats” program will put paying customers in your restaurant in the short term, for cash flow NOW! Then, at the same time, it will build a database of customers that you can call upon with strategic marketing tactics to fill your restaurant during the times you need to most.

Your Competitors Aren’t Doing It - That is unless they are working with us. Our restaurant marketing system was developed by some of the best in the business. It will help you outperform your local competitors and make them envious seeing all the traffic in and out of your restaurant.

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