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What Makes Me Different From Other Marketers

I Rely On Word Of Mouth – I Don’t Advertise

Word of mouth for your restaurant is AWESOME. But it should not be the primary source of new customers. Why?

How To Generate Good Restaurant Content For Social Media

All Your Offers And Promotions Need To Be Redeemable And Trackable

🍽 All Your Offers And Promotions Need To Be Redeemable And Trackable. Anything you do marketing wise needs to be

When Was The Last Time You Raised Your Prices

🍽 When Was The Last Time You Raised Your Prices? I know, I know… Very Taboo topic. But the rest

Ideas To Build Up a Particular Day Or Time of day that is a low revenue time

🍽 Do you have a particular day or time of day that is a low revenue? If so you need

Increasing Your Average Ticket Price

Average ticket price… Raising it instantly increases your profitability. They are already in your restaurant, you just need them spend

🍽 Messenger Marketing For Restaurants Is The NOW Of Restaurant Marketing

If your restaurant is not taking advantage of messenger marketing you ARE LEAVING MONEY ON THE TABLE. It is the

Rate of return and time frame to expect on digital advertising

πŸ”Restaurant Owners – Digital marketing for restaurants done right is working towards a sustained over time ROI. It is NOT

Food For Thought: Is Your Restaurant An Expensive Job Or A Business You Could Sell

What happens when you put restrictions on your offers

Putting restrictions on your offers will KILL them. You will spend money to put them in front of people, some

Create An Emotional Attachment With Your Customers At Your Restaurant

🍽 Restaurant Owners – Create an emotional experience for your customers that will make them remember your restaurant and inadvertently

How Reviews Will Affect Your Restaurant

My Best Performing Advertising Demographic Revealed

When you run ads, WHO do you choose to show them too if… You have a limited budget, you want

Redemption Reminder Systems For Your Offers

Did you ever save a coupon or offer you got in the mail or your email? Then put it somewhere

The Type Of Info You Need To Collect From Your Customers

A Clip from my recent webinar where I talk about the type of information that you need to collect if

How I Do Restaurant Giveaways That Get Results

πŸ”πŸ• ATTENTION LEHIGH VALLEY RESTAURANT OWNERS πŸ•πŸ” ** Here Is An Inside Look At How I Do Giveaways (One of

Creating Offer Packages So You Can Hit Your Desired ROI

Some restaurant owners just don’t like running FREE or BOGO type offers even though they are one time offers AND