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We Definitely Recommend the Copperhead Grille! Watch to Find Out Why!

🍔🍟 As promised, here is our video review of the Copperhead Grille in Center Valley. We had the signature burger,

Point Phillips Hotel – We Are Coming To See You!

I am here with my BNI networking partner Joanna Scheerbaum LaFaver, my favorite LHV Real Estate agent. I asked her

Lehigh Valley Vegan Ice Cream Crawl

Live Interview with Sarah of Lehigh Valley Vegan. On Sunday, 8/11/19, Lehigh Valley Vegan did an Ice Cream Crawl. Just

Coal Fired Pizza Case Study Overview

This is a case study that I send out in the mail. It is a review of actual REAL RESULTS

Relying On Old Marketing Methods Leaves Money On The Table

Restaurant Owners – If You Are Relying On Old Marketing Methods You Are Leaving Money On The Table

You Need To Make Advertisers PROVE The Will Give You A Return Just Ask This One Question

If your advertiser or agency can’t answer this question, they are not worth SH*T!! And I mean that nicely… 🙂

Messenger Marketing for restaurants

Messenger Marketing for restaurants, of all the industries that can use messenger marketing, restaurants have the most benefit to gain.

🍽 Hey Restaurant Owners 🍽

🍽 Hey Restaurant Owners 🍽 The busy summer season is coming for restaurants. Which does not mean it is time

Online Ordering Quick Demo

Butts In Your Seats Restaurant Marketing Program Preview

How To Systematically and Automatically Invite Your Restaurant Customers Back Into Your Restaurant

Restaurant Owners Dealing With Bad Reviews Online How To Do It Right

Restaurant Ad Targeting The Friends Of People With Upcoming Birthdays & Anniversaries

Why Radio Stations Can Charge Restaurants SO MUCH To Advertise

Restaurant Owners – There is a reason radio stations and media outlets charge you SO MUCH. It’s because they already

You Need To Run Ads To Grow Just Posting On Facebook Wont Cut It

Restaurant Owners – Just posting to your social media accounts will not by itself grow your returning customer base. It

Answer To Restaurant Advertising Objection Offers Will Degrate My Brand

Restaurant Owners – Everyday I talk to restaurant owners about how to get people to come in and how to

How To Start Building A Regular Lunch Crowd AT Your Restaurant

Is the lunch crowd a little lite at your restaurant? Maybe more on some days more than others? Here are

Have a First Responders Night To Get The Community Talking

🍔🍕🍟 Restaurant Owners – Here is an idea to get all the things your restaurant needs in one shot. Publicity,