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Restaurant Owners – Your marketing needs to focus on bringing in new customers every single month

Your marketing needs to focus on bringing in new customers every single month. If sales are the lifeblood of a restaurant, new customers are the heart! It’s the only way to grow.

It’s the whole focus of what we do and drives our program. Imagine if all your other marketing would only present itself to NEW PEOPLE. How much would you have grown already!

With Facebook ads that is entirely possible. Each time someone subscribes to the system and we have their information, they get added to a “negative” list or otherwise called an exclusion list. This means, that the people that are on the list, you no longer have to pay to show them ads.

They just won’t see them, and ALL of your ad budget gets spent looking for NEW CUSTOMERS ONLY.

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About David Kunstek

The “Butts in Your Seats” program will put paying customers in your restaurant in the short term, for cash flow NOW! Then, at the same time, it will build a database of customers that you can call upon with strategic marketing tactics to fill your restaurant during the times you need to most.

Your Competitors Aren’t Doing It - That is unless they are working with us. Our restaurant marketing system was developed by some of the best in the business. It will help you outperform your local competitors and make them envious seeing all the traffic in and out of your restaurant.

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