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Menu Pricing For Marketing – Get Your Pricing Right To Market Effectively

How do you come up with the prices on your menus? Do you look at your competitor’s prices or do you solely base it off of your expenses? Listen in for Joe’s thoughts on the proper way to price your menu.

About David Kunstek

The “Butts in Your Seats” program will put paying customers in your restaurant in the short term, for cash flow NOW! Then, at the same time, it will build a database of customers that you can call upon with strategic marketing tactics to fill your restaurant during the times you need to most.

Your Competitors Aren’t Doing It - That is unless they are working with us. Our restaurant marketing system was developed by some of the best in the business. It will help you outperform your local competitors and make them envious seeing all the traffic in and out of your restaurant.

Interested? Message me to learn more.

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